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Vivah Bandhan
Vivah or Marriage is the most cherished memory for a bride / groom and their families. Back in the day, in absence of internet people used to communicate with each other and used to refer someone’s friend’s nephew to someone’s cousin’s friend. Over the period of time, communication channels started dropping and so did relations. Then came the internet. Internet brought infinite knowledge with it, everything from travel to shopping started getting online. All the old areas useful to everyone, started getting online. Match-making got smarter too. In 1995, internet came to India. And by 1999, we already had our first matrimonial website. Most companies working in their own traditional methods got threatened by the smartness of future. But some got along with the flow and launched their own .com-s.
Cut to today’s age, people started creating WhatsApp groups for their friends and families. WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook became quickly rose to popularity reason being you could create groups and trade information. Back in the day what a man with a book could do, was multiplied by 10x. Bringing like-minded people together played a huge role.
BUT. With useless information flowing through tens of WhatsApp groups, people started ignoring all the messages flooding their phones. The age of free information wasn’t attracting a lot of people.
In this time, we saw an opportunity. A small community with problems of marriage and a huge potential of people relying on traditional websites and a few WhatsApp groups. What if we brought best of both worlds and created a platform that would serve both website and WhatsApp generations?
Thinking this through we launched our first edition of Vivah Bandhan. Dedicated to Brahmin community. Launched on 17th April 2018, the site was kept free for all the users registering in the first month. We did not use a lot of branding and promotion but we kept our approach clear in front of our audience. The audience responded with 530 registrations in 1st month.
Our journey continues today and at what speed! We have achieved a remarkable feat of registering over 2200 Users on our platform. Yes, this is a platform for Brides and Grooms to find someone they like and build their own story. We are building a canvas on which our users can draw their stories.
With your blessings and support, we are launching our newest version of Vivah Bandhan. Give us a feedback on how you like it or if you want to see more features.
Thank you!

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What Is Changing?

Vivah Bandhan is celebrating "Benchmark of 11000 Registered Users" this June (2022).
With all our users' constant support, motivation and feedback we are moving away from old design and embracing new thinking. We are taking a startup approach in operating Vivah Bandhan.

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